Business Strategy

Vision Statement

To be the most trusted innovative engineering and project management solutions provider to all major industries that boost the economy of the world community.

Mission Statement

We deliver world class engineering and project management service solutions that exceed customer expectations, while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings.

Social Responsibility

We promote a non-discriminating work environment, by offering opportunities to individuals who have a strong focus in delivering top quality and professional service for all our stakeholders.

Business Strategy

We operate following a customer lock-in business strategy, by giving service that outclasses our competitors and living our clients with the only choice of ZSS.

Our Values

Management and workforce at ZSS subscribe and have committed themselves to the following values:

  • To respect the rights of all our stakeholders
  • To always put the needs of our client’s firsts
  • To never compromise on quality service, we offer our clients
  • To always conduct our business in a professional manner
  • To operate in a non-discriminatory and non-partisan manner
  • To strive to provide excellent service always to our clients
  • To promote transparency and avoid favouritism, corruption and conflict of interest
  • To operate in a manner which will reflect our integrity and honesty
  • To be committed to the empowerment of the disadvantaged people of our community


Business Structure